Saturday June 24th

Port Orchard Fathoms O’Fun Parade

Come on down and join your POYC Officers and fellow members as we once again participate in the Port Orchard Fathoms O’Fun parade.

This year’s theme, ‘Rock’n around the Sound’ celebrates 50 years of this community event.

To keep with the theme, we will be decorating a ‘boat/float’ to ‘POYC Rock’n the Dock’. Complete with a juke box and poodle skirts!

Our first construction/decoration meeting will be Friday, June 17 from noon to 4pm, and Saturday, June 18 from noon to 4pm. at the POYC Clubhouse parking lot. Anyone ever made a juke box out of pool noodles????

The day of the parade, June 24th, we will meet at Sweeny’s parking lot at 1pm to put the pre-assembled decorations on the boat/float. The parade starts at 6pm with lineup beginning at 3pm.

Dig out those poodle skirts and join the fun!

We will once again be partnering with the Point Defiance Pirates who will hand out trinkets to the kids along the parade route.

Please join us in the FUN!

There is a sign-up sheet in the Kiosk and on-line. Register Here

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