Pizza & Charts

Are you a seasoned sailor or a newbie to the pacific waters?

Want to learn more about the San Juan Islands, Broughton Islands, or further north? OR have some tips and tricks to share?

Join us as we discuss Cruising the Northern Islands.

There will be a discussion on tips and tricks to make your trip easier and safer. We will split into 3 groups, led by a POYC member who has had extensive experience cruising in that area.

The areas are;

The San Juan’s

The Broughtons

Queen Charlotte & Around Cape Caution

  • How to navigate the border crossing
  • Hazards to avoid
  • How to provision with food and fuel
  • Where to get water, groceries and fuel
  • Favorite anchorages and resorts in the different areas

Friday Evening May 12th

 6pm ~ 9pm

Bring a Pizza, your charts and a highlighter/marker





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