“It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”

Note: There will be a meeting of the chair persons of all skit teams on Saturday at 1500 by the stage in the clubhouse, to explain the skit process and to draw numbers for the skit presentation sequence.

Time limitations: History has shown that 12 minutes, start to finish, not only keeps things moving and allows sufficient time for presentation, but assures we all get finished in time to present awards and have time to enjoy a great dance. Remember, the 12 minutes includes prop set-up and removal. There will be an official timer, and points will be subtracted for overruns as follows:

0 – 60 seconds over = – 3 points

61 – 120 seconds over = – 6 points

121 – 180 seconds over = – 9 points

181 – 240 seconds over = -18 points

241 – 300 seconds over = -32 points

Over 5 minutes over = disqualified – please try again next year

Judging Criteria: The impartial judging staff (generally visiting Commodores) will use the following criteria in judging each skit:

1 – Stage Props

2 – Special Effects

3 – Costumes

4 – Agreement with the Theme

5 – Originality

6 – Delivery

Maximum of 10 points per category (60 total) minus any penalty points.


Facilities: The BYC stage measures 8 feet deep by 20 feet long with a curtain to close off the stage and the prop staging areas on each side. Off stage areas will consist of the cloak room via the basement entrance and the foyer area inside the north entrance double doors. A dressing/staging area is available in the basement. Our sound system includes a CD player, Cassette player, and three wireless microphones. Live audio as well as “lip sync” performances are allowed. The judging criteria does not recognize one performance type over the other. We will have a video camera in the ball room with an unobstructed view of the stage to allow recording of all skits. Copies of the recording will be provided to all skit entrants approximately 30 days after Heavy Weather Weekend. Our stage lighting system includes six 150 watt floodlights arranged into three groups of two with each group controlled by a dimmer. Dimmer switches control the house lights also.


Questions: Please contact BYC Vice Commodore Phil LeBas (

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