POYC Spring Swap Meet

Saturday & Sunday, April 21st~22nd, 2018

Got Junk? Then get ready!

POYC is bringing back a great old Tradition! The Annual Spring Swap Meet and Flea Market.

It’s time to get that box of stuff out of the garage/boat house, empty the lazarette, and get it ready for the POYC Swap Meet.

Hundreds, even thousands, (okay I MAY exaggerate a BIT) of your fellow boaters will be there selling those items that you’ve been yearning for but couldn’t find and buying those items you’ve stored forever. Tables full of boating goods, old parts, new parts, outboards, buoys, dock line, coolers, heaters, chain, clothing, and so much more! It’s a bargain hunter’s paradise! Mark your Calendars!

Tables will be available inside and out! $10.00 per table, reserve NOW! The $10.00 goes to the club, you keep whatever you make! There will be security Friday and Saturday night so you can set-up Friday. You will have to supply you OWN tables outside, ie; saw-horses and plywood or whatever. The club does have a few canopies and you are welcome to bring your own in the event of inclement weather. The Clubhouse Parking lot will be roped off from the light pole by the east end of the Clubhouse and the rest of the lot will be closed to the storage/office building for outside tables. The perking lot from the Marina Gate to the Clubhouse will remain open as will the parking across the street. Inside tables are reserved for ‘inside’ items! Clothing, household, clean boating items! NO nasty ol’ ropes or scummy chains! 

Please Contact Maxine Byers byers83854@gmail.com or 208-818-4113 for more info and to reserve you tables

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